About us

An all-consuming passion for high-quality products and enviable expertise for over 30 years 

A great story begins

The first La Piazzetta restaurant opened in 1989, on Rue Saint-Jean in Québec City. The name means “little public square” in Italian, and La Piazzetta enjoyed overnight success with a concept that is unique in the city: square thin-crust pizza. A year later, to meet ever-rising demand, the founders opened a second location, on Rue Cartier. 

La Piazzetta history La Piazzetta history La Piazzetta history

An expanding network

A third La Piazzetta opened up shop, this time in Lévis. The owners seized the opportunity to improve the setup, expand the offer and create a central kitchen to serve the three locations and provide uniform quality. It was at this time that the first franchise opened in Sainte-Foy, on Chemin Saint-Louis, quickly followed by a second, in 1992, on Rue Saint-Denis in Montréal.

La Piazzetta history

Second-wave expansion

Jumping from 14 to 20 locations, the network began to attract more and more investors. Backed by a very high-quality product, the directors invested all their efforts in expanding the network. The La Piazzetta concept was overhauled, and public acclaim was quick to follow.

La Piazzetta histoire

A breath of fresh air

While the La Piazzetta prime directive of refined, sophisticated pizza was maintained, the brand image was updated, and the concept was tweaked. Products inspired from a variety of regions around the globe were added to the menu, in a section called “Discoveries”, leading to renewed excitement among the customers.


Reinventing traditions

A few years later, still guided by the goal of developing in harmony with the times, La Piazzetta once again demonstrated our openness to change. With renewed and updated communications tools and an improved management and production process, La Piazzetta set our sights enthusiastically on the future.

piazzetta_about_vector La Piazzetta history

Our Mission

As the years have passed, La Piazzetta has upheld our first mission: to give our customers an extraordinary experience and offer them delectable, high-quality, original dishes in a warm setting that feels great.