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La PiazzettaMagog

La Piazzetta Magog has been regaling local foodies since 2000. The go-to location for lovers of sophisticated pizza, it entices them with both its excellent cuisine and its light-filled, cocooning ambience.

Now add its perfect location – the centre of downtown. Nearby, you will find the outstanding performance hall Le Vieux Clocher, a microbrewery, a cinema and a wide variety of shops, all within arm’s reach.

The fact that nature is so close by adds yet more charm to La Piazzetta Magog. It sits just a few dozen metres from the Magog River, less than a kilometre from its mouth in Lake Memphremagog. Ten kilometres away, Mount Orford. And don’t forget the dozen or so vineyards within a 50-kilometre radius. Which brings us to the many festivals enlivening the city all year long: the snow festival, Magog in bloom, the wine festival, In Search of Memphre (a swim across Lake Memphremagog)…

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399 Rue Principale O,
Magog, QC J1X 2B2

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At La Piazzetta Magog, you will find folks who are pleased to welcome you and happy to share their love of the craft and a gastronomic bonanza that is both simple and sophisticated. Welcome, and bon appetit!


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